Current Address:                                                                   Permanent Address:

2301 Willowbrook Circle Apt. 228                                                          4074 W. Leatherwood Rd.

West Lafayette, IN 47906                                                                             Montezuma, IN 47862

Phone: 765-894-7641                                                                                Phone: 765-245-2504


          To obtain experience working in the animal production industry.


          Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN                                                                  May 2011

          Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences                                                        GPA: 3.62/4.0

Work History

Pearson Melon Farms, Laborer                                          Tangier, IN; July – August 2010

  • Achieved experience working early hours
  • Distributed produce to their different markets
  • Harvested cantaloupe, sweet corn, and watermelons

Country Haven, Laborer                           Bloomingdale, IN; November 2005-August 2007

  • Cleaned stalls and walked horses
  • Administered feed and water, stacked hay regularly
  • Sustained cleanliness of barn

WCVS, Vet Assistant                                        Rockville, IN; December 2003-August 2007

  • Attained valuable information about different respiratory illnesses
  • Aided in preparing the vaccines to treat these illnesses
  • Assisted the Veterinarian on the 4-H checks

Wright Implement, Parts consultant                   Rockville, IN; February- November 2005

  • Updated stock, kept the grounds mowed and trimmed
  • Monitored inventory at the end of each month
  • Delivered parts to customers

Busenbark Detasseling, Crew Boss                    Montezuma, IN; June 2001- August 2004

  • Supervised my own crew in Illinois
  • Eliminated rouge plants from the parent rows
  • Served on clean up crews to pull any tassels that had been missed the first time through

Family Farm,                                                                                   Continuous

  • Bail hay and administer feed to cattle
  • Administer vaccinations to the family herd
  • Maintain the property

Activities and Accomplishments  

  • ANSC 381: Leadership in A Diverse Workplace, Alleviated disputes between group

members and aided to motivate in preparing presentations                                 Spring 2010

  • Purdue Honors, students with a 3.5 GPA or higher                               December 2009
  • ANSC 393 Spring Break travel course,

traveled to different animal science industries in the gulf coast states               March 2009

  • AGR 201: Communication Across Cultures,

Grew in my multicultural awareness and understanding                                         Fall 2008

  • Sons of the Soil, Ten year 4-H member                                     July 1998- July 2007